Ground-breaking new platform for leadership in dance

We are thrilled to announce today the beginning of a new Artistic Fellowship program for the SKETCH series beginning in 2019. The first Artistic Fellow of the SKETCH program is Ben Needham-Wood (Louisville Ballet, Smuin Contemporary Ballet).

Starting July 2018 Amy Seiwert will assume the position of Artistic Director at Sacramento Ballet. With the new appointment comes an exciting opportunity for the future of Imagery’s SKETCH series.

Imagery’s new Fellowship program is a natural progression for the company, the SKETCH series will continue to foster risk in ballet-based choreography. In addition, we will be serving the field by fostering the next generation of arts leaders. Our Fellowship provides both artistic and administrative mentorship, offering the tools needed to make the jump from a performing career to an artist’s next step.

Read more in our press release.

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    Ben Needham-Wood on SKETCH 4

    Sketch 4: Music Mirror is underway and I could not be more excited. I have been a part of Imagery’s Sketch series since it’s inception in 2011 and every year it continues to exceed my expectations. The dancers get stronger, the work gets more innovative, and the atmosphere continues to exude confidence and joy in every artist that shares in the collaboration.

    This is the first time where the Sketch dancers have remained the same from one year to the next, and after only one week of work we can already feel that same, magic bond that grew over five weeks last summer. It is rare to find a company where there are no egos or personal agendas that inhibit the overall progress of the work, but Imagery is exactly that; every artist in the company shares a mutual respect and admiration for everyone else in the studio, allowing us to continue bettering ourselves with confidence knowing that our colleagues are supporting us through every step. Looking around the room and absorbing Private’s incredible partnering, Sarah’s long lines, “The Puppy” Wes’s strength, Katherine’s clarity, Annali’s technique, James’s fluid articulation of movement, and Rachel’s flexibility, it leaves me in awe and inspires me to push my own limits and strive for more.

    All eight of us are very different dancers from one another, and it takes an amazing choreographer to successfully highlight those individual strengths within the context of a single, cohesive work. Amy Seiwert and Adam Hougland are two such choreographers. I first worked with both choreographers while I was a Company Artist with Louisville Ballet. I can honestly say that I would not be the dancer I am today without their influence. They are both nurturing and invest completely in their work and their dancers. Each day in the studio with them brings new ideas and insight that helps us dancers to push our boundaries and rediscover our own limitations.

    Amy Seiwert's Imagery, Rachel Furst and Ben Needham Wood copy Photo David DeSilva

    This amazing combination of Amy, Adam, and the eight dancers in the company have become my summer family and I love every opportunity I have to work with them. We are having such a great time already and the work we have accomplished thus far in the process is truly remarkable. I can’t wait to see how this project resolves and I can’t edit to share it with the audience.

    –Ben Needham-Wood

    Pictured – Ben Needham-Wood and Rachel Furst in 2013′s SKETCH 3: Expectations. Photo by David DeSilva. Rehearsal shot of Mr. Needham-Wood by Andrea Basile.



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