Guest choreographer Nicole Haskins on SKETCH 6

When I started my piece two weeks ago, I had a general outline of how I wanted the piece to progress and a general sense of the mood I wanted to create. I truly wanted to take advantage of Sketch’s mission to foster risk and innovation. Usually I come in with a specific plan, usually I’m working with large groups and music that drives the piece, usually I have thought out the entire structure of a piece, but usually I have thought less as to what the piece means relying on the music to inform where the piece goes. For Sketch, I threw away all of my “usuals.” I showed up a little nervous that I would be standing around for 3 hours with nothing for the dancers to do, but also a little excited to try something entirely new. Having a jumping off point that the piece had to be inspired by or about words, already gave me a new challenge. Finding the quote “life is too short for fake butter” sent me down a rabbit hole of thoughts and ideas about not taking life for granted and not wasting a moment, not just being mindful, but relishing each moment. So instead of coming in with steps and formations, entrances and exits, I came in with a notebook full of scribblings of my thoughts on life, relationships, growing up, feeling alone, feeling a part of something, change, and growth. To my surprise three hours went quickly. The piece came together faster and with fewer bumps than almost anything I had created before. By starting with a single challenge: use your words, and then having the complete freedom to interpret it, Sketch gave me a direction but not a map. I was able to create my own path. Sketch is exactly the environment of challenge all choreographers need, because without challenges, without being taken out of our comfort zones, it is extremely difficult to grow and become more than a one-trick pony. I can only try to express my gratitude to Amy for asking me and trusting me to create for Sketch. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to create a piece using the exceptional dancers of Imagery, and have it performed alongside works by such established and revered choreographers. It has indeed pushed me outside of my comfort zone and into a new place where I simply feel comfortable.

Pictured: Nicole in rehearsal with the Smuin Ballet. Photo by Keith Sutter.

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